January 10, 2010

The Perfect Spot SF joins us at The Phoenix Supper Club

Courtesy of Virginia Miller, The Perfect Spot SF: 

Meet at a corner disclosed when making a reservation to Phoenix Supper Club’s Loretto dinner. A limo awaits with champagne and about 10 other guests all guessing where you’ll be dining. October 24, the first Loretto dinner, brought us to historical Haas-Lilienthal House/Museum, where we were ushered to candlelit tables and entertained by live jazz from lovely vocalist, Sabrina Modelle, with pianist.

A nine course meal (each course paired with wines) follows from Chef Tommy Halvorson, creating delicious, delicate (but never fussy) dishes covering all food groups from vegetables to fish to a range of meats, portioned small enough to leave room, though I was heartily full by the end.

The Renaissance Man and I savored a romantic hour at our own table initially, but we’d made friends in the limo and talking across our neighboring tables, felt the evening begged for a communal aspect. We asked to have our tables moved together halfway through the meal when the evening turned into festive dinner party. Eventually more tables and guests intermingled, an ideal trajectory for the evening (and maybe future dinners?) to take. With three seatings of 10 or so people arriving every half hour, the gathering grew, while remaining intimate.

With each dinner different in location and menu, Loretto comes at a high cost ($220!) But it’s fine dining plus, with points for romance, intrigue and surprise… a one-of-a-kind birthday or anniversary dinner. If the communal aspect is encouraged, it can also operate as a unique dinner party.

In a sea of pop-up dinners and supperclubs these days, the concept of classy, comfortable speakeasy dining with live jazz is one that actually excites me. At about half the price, there’s also Mephisto, a five course dinner series with speakeasy surprise locales (minus a limo), so choices abound. The next Loretto dinner is this Saturday, 11/21.

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