January 22, 2010

Martini Life Picks Up PSC's Valentine's Weekened Events

Courtesy of Martini Life:

Let us warn you that Valentine's Day is fast approaching.

Let us further warn you that if you have not made a reservation for the evening, the time is now. But don't worry, we've made the choice of romantic dinners incredibly easy, by finding the best one. Maybe ever.

The recently launched Phoenix Supperclub takes romance and intrigue to a whole new level. The night of your reservation, you and your guest will be picked up by limo and delivered at a secret San Francisco location. So secret, in fact, that you don't know where you're going until you arrive.

What you can know is that the nine course, wine-paired meal prepared by Tommy Halvorson (of Bix, Gary Danko, and Chez Panisse... now that's a resume) will be immaculate and delicious.

Robin Rinaldi of 7x7 attended recently and really whet our appetites, saying that said location "might be a modern gallery or rambling mansion. ... Dinner takes hours, and you will leave heavily buzzed, if not happily drunk." Wow. Her entire experience is mouthwatering, and well worth reading.

The supperclub happens every Saturday, but we think their special Valentine's weekend dinner is just too good to pass up. And they're taking reservations now. Get on it.

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